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Everybody's favorite - Gift of Death

so the Gift wanted to volunteer and fill in this horrible quiz. He claims that myspace is "whack" and you know what, he be right.

wordup itz da gift u kno in between drivebys and pimpin sum hoes i be out fillin in quizzes and dey be fuckin crazy u kno wut i mean yea u do aight so i stole this shit from sum gurl she betta be happy i took it too else i put two caps sumwhere dis entry aint rated for dat tho

* Guys *
1 Guitar or Drum Player - fuck man i aint gay
2 Skater or Surfer - fuck man i aint gay
3 Brown or Blue Eyes - fuck man i aint gay
4 Blonde or Brunette - fuck man i aint gay
5 Brains or Looks fuck man i aint gay
6 Tall or short - fuck man i aint gay
7 Rich or Hardly any money - fuck man i aint gay
8 Sporty or Smart - fuck man i aint gay
9 Drinks or smokes - fuck man i aint gay
10 Good Goody or Bad boy - fuck man i aint gay

* Food *

11 Hamburger or Hotdog - burgerz cuz fuck man i aint gay

12 Pie or Cake - pie u kno wutta i mean yea u do yea u do

13 Apple or Banana - applez cuz fuck man i aint gay

14 Coke or Pepsi - coke cuz datz made wit cocaine yea yea wussup

15 Chicken or Beef - datz tyte

16 Oreos or Chips Ahoy - go wit da fuckin piratez matey

17 Pancakes or Waffles - wafflez cuz you can fill in the squarez wit bling

18 Chocolate or Vanilla - chocolate get dat fuckin white boi outta here

19 Strawberry or Cherry - chocolate get dat fuckin white boi outta here

20 Watermelon or Cantaloupe - yo mama

21 Potato or Macaroni Salad - yo yo mama

22 Wheat or White - white fo me to poop on wordup triumph

23 Tic Tacs or Altoids - dat shit dont even come in black

24 Sausage or Bacon - either as long as dere black

25 Sour Cream and Onion or BBQ - datz jus sick

* Sports *
26 Baseball or Football - mo mah homiez be playin football wussup

27 Swim or Track - fuck man i aint gay

28 Tennis or Golf - get sum dat table tennis out here and we be talkin or maybe i jus be kickin yo ass

29 Skiing or Sledding - yo skiingz got polez

30 Bicycling or Jogging - CADILLAC

* Stores/Restaurants *

31 McDonalds or Burger King - wordup jordan we gotta play sum golf sumtime

* Clothes *

36 Pants or Shorts - fuck aint that the same thing?

38 Dresses or Skirts - fuck man i aint gay

39 Mittens or Gloves - gloves cuz then ur innocent yea yea wordup oj

40 Print or Solid - solid like mah fist

* Music *

51 Punk or Rock - fucking metal wordup
52 Country or Bubble Gum Pop -RAP WORDUP
53 Rap or Techno - rap WORDUP

54 Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera - real music looooooolllllll

55 *N Sync and Backstreet Boys - fuck man i aint gay

56 Korn or Staind - real music lolollooll

57 Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park - fuck man i aint gay

59 Piano or Violin- me rappin

60 CDs or Radio - BOOM BOX

* TV *
61 Dawson's Creek or 7th Heaven - fuck man i aint gay

* Cinema *

66 Bruce Willis or Kevin Costner - bruce willis cuz hez more black

67 Jennifer Love Hewitt or Neve Campbell - neve campbell cuz hez more black

68 Aladdin or Lion King - aladdin cuz hez more black

69 Snow White or Sleeping Beauty - yo how bout dat one who aint part of da klan

71 Horror or Science Fiction - yo mama iz a horror film oh snap yo back

80 Mario Brothers or Zelda - mario bros cuz dey be like mah bros cept mo italian

81 Pen or Pencil - fuck man i aint gay

* Animals *

86 Cat or Dog - dawgz in da house

87 Fish or Hamster - mah nine

90 Seals or Otters - seals like mah black brother seal sup man
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